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Is effective communication a problem in your organization?
Do people often misinterpret what others mean,
with negative impact on the whole organization?

Take the Bluebird People Types quiz, and see.

Check out our IS change management program:
Implementing New Technology Successfully
A Change Management Program for IS organizations and end-users

Bluebird can provide effective interventions based on understanding how we differ individually from each other.   We help clients apply that understanding to communications, change and conflict management.


We hope you enjoy browsing through the information we have set up. Our aim is to educate, and to give you new ideas to think about and build upon.

Important essays and articles by
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Melissa Fender
and other Bluebird associates
Effective change management is the key to successful business re-engineering and successful implementation of new technology such as client/server computing, data warehouse, and corporate intranets. No one seems to know how to do it right. People, Not Technology: the Key to Successful Change Management provides insights and answers that have withstood the test of time.
All too often, MIS managers become complacent about how well their efforts are succeeding, because they don't hear complaints. They find out too late that important users are unhappy, or even that MIS is being outsourced.
Don't let this happen to you! Read So, What Makes You Think It Ain't Broke? How many situations do you recognize from the quiz? If it's more than a couple, you need to call Bluebird right away!
How will you actually get there from here, i.e. implement client/server or any other new technology that will help the organization? What you need is a methodology -- a process that insures you won't leave out anything important.
You don't have one?  Or, you bought one and it's gathering dust on your shelf?

Well, read Developing a Methodology , and you'll encounter a simple, usable "shareware" methodology.
If you like our suggestions but can't or don't want to do it all yourself, contact us right away!
Joint Application Design is a great introduction to one of the best design techniques around today. It's perfect for today's customer-oriented projects that require cross-functional design teams and three- to six-month implementation timetables.

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