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People have characteristic personality patterns that differ from person to person. They have a definite impact on attitudes and behavior. Understanding, recognizing and utilizing these differences constructively are the keys to cooperation, productivity, and harmony in the workplace.

Bluebird Enterprises uses a sound methodology and proven techniques to identify individual People Types. We offer customized services and training programs so that you can get the maximum benefit from everyone on your team. This brings real synergy!

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The People Types Quiz

  • People don't bring their best skills to the job
  • Meetings are unproductive & frustrating
  • Deadlines are often missed
  • Written & oral communications don't deliver the same message to all
  • Miscommunication are common
  • Interpersonal misunderstandings interfere with smooth organizational functioning
  • Good, well-intentioned people can't seem to get along consistently
  • Stress levels are high, and rising
  • Morale is low, or at least falling
  • Teamwork isn't

These problems are especially devastating when they happen on the corporate management team and/or the business re-engineering team!   They also happen frequently between the IS department and their users, resulting in computer applications that don't really address the needs of the business.

If you can identify any of the above problems, we can help.
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