Bluebird Team Profile Program
Bluebird Enterprises Inc. Announces

The Team Profile Program

How well is your team working? Take our quiz and see:

  • Do you have to work on a team with people who are on a different wavelength from you?
  • Do your team members keep making wrong assumptions about what's important?
  • Are you often bewildered by the behavior of people on your team?
  • Is there much conflict among team members? Does that make you want to leave the team?
  • Does your team keep arguing about the same things over and over?
  • Do you find team meetings a waste of time - you just want to get on with things?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, or even had to think for a while, then your team would benefit from the Bluebird Team Profile Program.

Team-building is all the rage. Most programs are a one-week quick fix full of feel-good team exercises and training. People are often coerced into a lot of uncomfortable personal revelation. Emotional events and loss of self-control are common. And it's usually all theory with no application. Worst of all, most of the knowledge and the benefits are gone in a few short weeks. You spend time and money and have nothing to show for it later.

The Bluebird Team Profile Program focuses on real, sustainable results. We don't believe in quick fixes. After all, you and your team aren't broken. You're just different from each other. Each of you is unique, with a unique frame-of-reference and perspective on life. Our Team Profile Program is based on helping you gain a real understanding of the differences between people.

We'll teach you:

  • how people are different from one another, and why it's important
  • how those differences affect people's motivation, communication styles and behavior
  • to apply this knowledge to make your team more productive, efficient and harmonious
  • techniques for coping when these differences create issues
  • negotiation processes to improve your communication and work flow

We offer a series of short session spread out to suit your time constraints and business cycles. Best of all, we'll give each team member a Team Profile Report. It contains a profile of each team member plus specific recommendations on how to use your individual differences constructively.

If a Team Profile looks, sounds or feels good to you, we can help.
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