Bluebird Enterprises Change Management Program
Bluebird Enterprises Inc. Announces

Implementing New Technology Successfully
A Change-Management Program for IS organizations and end-users

This program improves long-term communication and cooperation between IS and end-users and eases the acceptance of new technology and new applications for long-lasting win-win results.

Bluebird Enterprises is a recognized leader in the application of psychological type and temperament theory to the practical issues facing IS departments today. Bluebird's comprehensive change management program combines consulting services and education seminars tailored to the business needs of each client. The building blocks include Bluebird's proven services beginning with the Quick Assessment that determines the requirements and develops the action plan.

Bluebird's customized People Types and Temperaments workshops address practical needs such as recognizing the core needs and values of individual stakeholders, improving communications on a personal and departmental level, and strengthening team synergy within downsized or newly-formed cross-functional teams.

A key element, Delivering Effective Training, teaches participants how to structure and deliver training for a mix of people with diverse learning styles and widely differing application needs, from clerks to managers, from doers to deciders.

Finally, Bluebird's Implementation Support Services lead to successful roll-outs. Hands-on support, coaching and people problem-solving are available as required throughout the implementation process.

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