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The pressures of today's changing business environment have caused many organizations and teams to function less effectively than in the past. Individuals and teams suffer from "survivor syndrome". Tempers become frayed and vital information isn't shared. Often the best people leave.

Using proven psychometric techniques and personalized feedback, we help team members discover their natural preferences for day to day interactions and decision-making. Well-planned group workshops provide teams with an understanding of how their individual preferences, strengths, and differences can be harnessed productively together.

The process starts with our Introduction module. It builds self-awareness and tolerance for others' differences. Continue with the Dynamics session.

Learn more about People Type interactions and their related stress behaviors. This is important knowledge in today's high-pressure business world!

For follow-on development, our customized, focused workshops address issues that disrupt organizational functioning, block forward progress and inhibit necessary change. Advanced People Type workshops also enhance many traditional business activities, such as sales and marketing.

People Type Workshops from Bluebird Enterprises

Introduction to People Types and how they Interact in your Organization
  • The basic personality patterns, with a self-assessment
  • Confidential feedback sessions
  • Basic patterns of People Type interactions
  • Exercises to reinforce the learning
Understanding the Dynamics of People Types
  • Personality and communication pattern interaction
  • People Type development
  • The effects of stress
Improving Personal Communication
  • How People Type affects communication content and style
  • Communicating with other People Types
  • Recognizing People Type-based miscommunication
  • The effects of gender and culture on communication content and style
Improving Organizational Communication
  • Written communications - letters, memos
  • Oral communications - presentations, meetings
  • Official communications and announcements
Achieving Functional Conflict Management
  • The effects of stress on different People Types
  • How different People Types view conflict
  • How to recognize and defuse People Type conflicts
  • Stress management in an organizational environment
Enhancing Management Development
  • Leadership styles of the different People Types
  • How to motivate different People Types
  • Action plans for strengthening weaknesses
Strengthening Team Synergy
  • Recognizing the talents of different People Types
  • Building tolerance, trust and mutual support in the team
  • Facing and solving issues as a team
Increasing Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • How to identify different People Types and Temperaments
  • How to appeal to different People Types and Temperaments
  • Using People Type and Temperament in marketing and selling
Delivering Effective Training
  • Learning styles of the different People Types
  • How to structure training for different People Types
  • How to train a mix of People Types

In summary, using People Types will help you:

- Build communication patterns that support your organization's goals and values
- Improve stress and time management
- Relate job responsibilities with motivations and behavior styles for win/win results
- Improve individual and organizational self-esteem and awareness

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