Computer Solutions
20 Cabot Court
Media, PA  19063

If you are reading this page you probably are in need of some type of computer assistance.

That assistance might range from how to better use the internet to gather information to how can I build a computer network for either my home or office.

Computer technology and efficient utilization of the internet benefits not only businesses but also the private individual who needs information to help them in their every day life.

We will always give you, honest, basic and economical advice.

If we are presented with questions or problems that we have not dealt with before we will be honest about that fact, and then we will search for a solution to your question or problem.

We will be glad to talk to you and determine whether we can be of some assistance.

So if you need help with the internet or computer hardware, software, or networks feel free to contact Dan Castellano either by e-mail or phone 484-444-0206.