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We look forward to having you stop by and visiting this site on a regular basis.

Relive the Moments Enterprises, a Division of American Identification Company,  Aston  Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, announced that on or about January 25, 2002 the company will establish a  web site know as which will  be made available to everyone.

No passwords, etc, are required. Access may be obtained by entering  in your search engine. Please use all lower case letters when you type in the site name, and enter it exactly as it appears above.

The purpose of the website, which is a non profit venture, is to establish a location for the collection of facts and folklore about old times in Aston Township history, and news and views of the people who made up the township in those olden days.

However, the web site will feature a few pages devoted to Current Aston Township. This page will carry information and news of a current nature about Aston and its people until such time as we publish our Current Aston Township web site.

If you have any information or pictures you would be willing to share with others, please send an email to this link:  For those of you who may not have email provisions, please send your material to John Chambers, Post Office Box 2171, Aston, Pa 19014. You may also call the above at 610-494-2944 to discuss contributions to the site.

All contributions, including photographs and sketches, or material of a similar nature, will be heartily welcomed and most appreciated. Although this web site has no connection to and is not endorsed by the Aston Township Historical Society, we will share with the Aston Township Historical Society any information we obtain.

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